Ain’t Misbehaving is a reward-based dog training service dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their people by helping people develop a positive relationship with their dogs. Our services include K9 Nose Work classes,  obedience classes, private behavioral consultations, private training sessions and seminars.
We believe the most effective way to train your dog is through a healthy relationship built on clear communication, knowledge, consistency and trust. Positive training strengthens the bond and brings out the best in you and your dog. We help you to observe, learn and understand your dog’s behavior and give you the tools to work with your dog.
We are excited to be offering K9 Nose Work classes. Nose Work is a training activity which uses you dog’s natural desire to hunt and ability to detect scent. The sport is based on detection training principals geared for your companion dog.  K9 Nose Work is good for any nose. It burns lots of mental energy, and it is just plain fun.

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