About Camilla

Camilla  has over 17 years of training experience working with companion and therapy dogs.  She has been a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) since 2001. She is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)  since 2013 and a member of the Association for Pet Dog trainers (APDT).

She founded Ain’t Misbehaving in 1998 and dedicated herself  to reward-based training techniques for improving the lives of dogs and their owners. She believes that the uniqueness and humor of dogs is part of the joy of dog ownership.  The best type of training is a two- way street where both canine and human learn to communicate with each other and develop a positive relationship.

Camilla has been an active volunteer with Multnomah County Animal Service’s Open Paw Training Program and Foster Program and she has developed an environmental enrichment Scent Work Program for Multnomah County Animal Services shelter dogs.

Camilla is a CNWI (certified nose work instructor).  In addition to teaching classes in canine scent work, she competes in nose work trials with her seven year old Collie, Posey Alice and her Border terrier mix Leo.

Camilla regularly attends workshops, seminars, conferences and reads current publications to expand her knowledge of animal behavior and to learn the most effective and current training techniques.


“Very clear, succinct and informative. Great humor and connection with all students (canine and human)!”
–Favor and Ollie, happy human and canine clients

Her current menage includes:

Posey Alice:  “PA ,  Baby Girl ” is seven year-old Collie. Calm, beautiful and gentle. You can catch her on a Portlandia episode (January 2013) sporting a great pair of red glasses.

Leo:  “Minion,  Little ” is  a four  year-old Border Terrier/Chihuahua  adopted from Multnomah County Animal Services. He has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh daily. He is a lover of life and is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

Asrid:  1 and half year old farm collie. Loving and fun!

Dedicated to:

Stella the kitty: “Belly”.  ( 1999- 2015)   Loved her dog pack.  Clicker trained.

Laroux: (1999- 2012) Kelpie extraordinaire. “Toot Boot , the Mayor.” Loved to carry his own leash, play, speak and be his silly smart self.

Phoebe: (1994-2007)  “Bunny”.  Her beloved  Shepherd/Elkhound girl who was always by her side showing her the way.