What is K-9 Nose Work?

A fun, mentally stimulating activity based on your dog’s extraordinary sense of smell and natural desire to hunt. It gives your dog permission to do what they love to do naturally.  The sport is based on detection training principals specifically geared towards companion dogs which develops your dog’s own natural scenting ability.

K-9 nose work  is a team sport with your dog taking the lead. Your dog develops complex searching skills and builds confidence in multiple environments.  You learn how to observe, support and communicate with your dog.  It’s a blast and develops a unique bond with your dog.

ANY dog with a nose can participate.  Small, large, old , blind, deaf, limited mobility, quiet or exuberant.

For shy dogs it  can help develop the skills to assess and feel safe in new environments.

Train just for fun, or train just for fun and work towards competition trials.

Warning : Nose Work provides endless opportunities for growth and skill development for your dog and you and can be highly addicting.

NOSE WORK CLASSES – All 6 Week Sessions

Dogs work independently in all nose work classes. There are no interactions or socialization between dogs which gives each dog the opportunity to work in a stress free environment.

Restrictions. Dogs must be capable of handling confinement away from their handler during class. Dogs must be comfortable to be crated or secure and safe in a well ventilated cool vehicle.

Intro to Nose Work – Developing the Foundation to Search

  • To develop search drive. The game starts in a box with your dog finding and self rewarding its favorite treats or toy.
  • The boxes help define the game and define and control the environment.
  • Dogs learn to search independently in multiple environments, Interior, exterior, containers and vehicle.
  • Handlers learn to observe their dogs and support their dog’s search behavior.

Intro to Odor – Must complete Intro to Nose Work

  • Builds on foundational search skills.
  • The concept of  “odor significance” is introduced to your dog by pairing food reward or toy with Sweet Birch,  1 of 3 specific target odors.
  • Dogs continue to develop expanded search skills in multiple environments.
  • Handlers develop reward timing skills.

Continuing Odor

  • Continues developing search skills for your dog.
  • Continues development of handler’s  observation skills, support and communication.
  • Additional introduction of specific target odors ( Anise and Clove).
  • Increased difficulty of hides, increased complexity of search areas.